J.A. Stegall with children about 1939Bunny approached. Mr. Stegall made Bunny go over to the car and look in. Bunny related that Mr. Stegall said "You are going to be next if you don't listen to me and slow down." Bunny said he would never forget that day - never forget those words.

More Memories
• A.L. Philpott used to tell the story of Alfred's help with a suspect. At that time A.L. was the County Attorney and one evening he was questioning a man about a string of robberies. The man wouldn't confess - wouldn't cooperate at all. When A.L. took a break he spotted Alfred leaving the jail and asked,

"Do you think you could take a few minutes to question this man?"

Alfred said "Sure, let me get my Bible."

About 30 minutes later Alfred reappeared and told A.L. that the man was ready to sign a confession. A.L. said he would pay anything to know what scripture Alfred read to that man.

• One day Alfred drove up to a man's house - he knew the man had bootleg whiskey inside. Alfred told Ralph Lawless, his deputy at the time, to go around back and grab the man when he came out. When Alfred blew his siren and the man looked out the front door and then ran out the back door with the whiskey!

• Another lady called and said there was a man selling whiskey near her house. When Alfred arrived there were 10 men standing near her house. They all threw up their hands and Alfred waved back. He drove away and parked his car about a quarter of a mile from the men. He didn't know which man had the whiskey but when he drove his car back to the group, accelerated the motor, and spun his car around only one man ran. Alfred said "That's him" and the chase was on. He caught the man on foot and found the whiskey hidden nearby.

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