[Sneaky Pete Continued ... ]
Carson said he spotted Alfred peeping through the curtains one Saturday night, so the name Sneaky Pete was born. Carson said nothing happened in Fieldale that Alfred didn't know about. But who gave Alfred the nickname Eagle Eye?

• Once when Billy Adkins was young he and Becky Roberts were playing tennis at the Y. Billy laid his personal belongings on the side line; his billfold was part of his belongings. When they finished playing Billy realized his billfold was missing. He was upset and filed a theft report with Alfred Stegall. Alfred asked him who was around at the time it was stolen. Billy remembered everyone and told all their names, but had no idea who the thief was. Alfred thought for a minute and told Billy to stay there. After a bit Alfred came back with the billfold! Nothing else was said and no one was ever charged. Of course that would not happen today.

• Mr. Stegall almost put me in jail. It was July 4th, some year after I could drive my Dad's car. I don't remember who was with me, but we went to Lake Lanier near the dam and lit some cherry bombs and TNTs with a fuse on the side before we threw them in the lake. A neighbor must have called my tag number in to the police, because the next morning Mr. Stegall was talking to my Dad. The good news is that they just gave me a good talkin. No jail time! Randy Joyce.

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