I might not be here today if it were not for Alfred. Eric Tipton - He was there every morning when I got off the school bus and there every evening when I got on. Curtis Plaster - He was a counselor, advocate and, occasionally, a stern disciplinarian. Steve Eggleston - He took my bike for 2 days because I was riding at night without a headlight. Larry Beheler - Alfred caught me driving when I had a little too much to drink. Alfred said I am taking you home to your father. I said I had rather go to jail. No Name - I loved the Fieldale Sockhop and always felt safe attending because of Mr. Stegall. Faye Odell - He helped many young people and showed them the best path in life. Charles Philpott - He cared for everyone. My Mother and Father loved Alfred. Ken Davidson - He was an icon and a hero. Jack Wood

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